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Open your doors to business with the reliable and efficient range of cash registers available from Compu.

A cash register is a basic business essential to all retail businesses, whether you own a craft shop, butchery, or a large supermarket. All transactions need to be recorded and monitored accurately, and it is necessary to keep all money received in a secure, but easily accessible place, and the Compu range of retail, touch screen, and cheaper entry level cash registers does exactly that.

At Compu, we have a variety of cash registers available to suit every business need and every budget, and we would like to see all businesses benefiting from the use of a high-quality and reliable cash register to improve efficiencies within stores. Our cash registers are designed with the utmost quality in mind, and will perform optimally for between 10 – 15 years when operated correctly. Ensure that your staff is able to quickly and efficiently process customers’ transactions, issue the correct amount of change, and minimize on other transactional errors with the correct use of a cash register, and improve the overall customer satisfaction in your store.

Which Cash Register Does Your Business Need?

To have a cash register for every type of retail business, but consider the following before choosing a retail cash register:

  • How many products do you carry currently?

  • How many products do you anticipate carrying in the future?

  • How many departments are in your store?

  • How busy will your store be?

  • Will you need more than one cash register?

  • Will you accept coupons and vouchers?

  • What types of payment does your business accept?